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You maybe running your own offline businesses or just someone who is currently building your career in a company and wanting to have a share of making sales online. Is that possible? Answer is YES. If anyone tells you that you got to spend thousands of dollars to startup then you are getting the wrong info unless you are running a multi-million dollars company that has huge funds to spend.

Action Plan: First step will be deciding on the domain name for online business. It may looks like a simple task but you will require to do some homework before making your choice. It can be your brand online like Microsoft, Apple, Nikon, etc. So, before making your choice of domain name for your online business, write down a few of them and ask around whether it sounds right or is it easy to remember. If you are not looking at branding it then your next consideration will be making it as keyword(s) to your products or services. This way, it will be likely to gain the advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since it is necessary for people to find your site when they search for particular keywords relating to your products or services.

Domain Hosting: This step is also critical as your site will rely on its uptime so that customers or visitors can come and see what you are offering. The choice of web hosting comes in a few categories - Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting. If you are just testing or starting up with a small budget then you are likely to consider the shared hosting option. This means that your site in the server sharing with thousands of other sites. It can be quite bad at certain times when other sites are loading the server that your site is hosted. It can means that your site can be offline and people cannot access when it is peak out. A better choice of hosting will be either the VPS or Dedicated Hosting as it will provide better bandwidth while running your site.

Web Design: Finally will be having your site with some basic web design to be featured online. When on a budget, you can utilize Free website template and making certain modification with photos and graphics should be able to get your site ready to be uploaded onto the server. It is important to note that your web design will need to be in such a way that it can be optimized for search engines. Therefore you will need someone to design your site in respect to SEO instead of normal design of website otherwise it may not be shown in any of the search engines.

Promoting Your Site: You will need to apply SEO online plus some offline promotion to get your site notice. It is important to know what is the right concept of application in order to get result and sales with your website. You will need to do some intensive research of the behavior pattern of visitors and what are those important keywords to be used, etc in order to have a successful online business.

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Equip with the best knowledge about domain hosting and web building to help those stay at home owners to build online business to earn extra income. Providing the right source of advice to promote your domain name website to achieve high ranking traffic for sales.

Article & Coaching Services

We have an article directory where you can submit your articles for traffic promotion or using these articles to promote your own sites. If you are new to internet and do not know how to get started with your online business. We do provide you with online coaching through email.
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Domains & Feng Shui

e provide a range of domain names for sales. Send us an email for interested sites and your proposed price to buy it. We have Feng Shui site where it teaches you some basic Feng Shui to help you changing your own destiny of fate.
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