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Bazi (八字) Analysis

When it comes to Feng Shui or fortune telling, we know that a person is born into this world with his life predestined for his path till death.

In terms of Feng Shui, you have 3 types of luck - Heaven, Earth & Human. Heaven's Luck is predetermined on the day when you were born and it cannot be changed. As for Human's Luck, it is inborn as your character and behavior. It is developed in the progress of growing up. Therefore, when it comes to Feng Shui, you can alter your Earth's Luck which will be the place where you called home, office plus the surrounding environment. Once you are able to understand the concept of application in Feng Shui, you will be changing your life.

You can learn about your personal Kua Number where it can help you with your personal 4 best facing directions as well as 4 bad facing directions. That is always the very first step in Feng Shui. Thereafter, you will start to learn more about Nine Flying Stars Chart where you will plot your house to know the influence of each sector in your house based on the numerology computations and interpretations. This will allow you to organise your house so that the positive Qi energy will come in and settle down at your wealth corner. This will bring good fortune and wealth to your family!

Our topic is about Bazi (Destiny of Fate) where it is decoded based on Day, Month, Year and Time of birth. That is why Bazi is called 4 Pillars. This is fate where you are not able to make any changes since a person's Bazi is written on your birthdate and Time. But when you are equipped with the information of good as well as bad Qi energy then you can help yourself by making a few changes along the way in life. The world needs a balance between Yin & Yang so it is the same for you when it comes to your Bazi. The best option for you will be having a balance with the 5 Elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire. You will learn about the good and bad traits where you can improvise to help yourself in life. The 4 Pillars Chart will show your life in every 10 years cycle and the elements that will affect your life. You can make the right decisions based on the chart where critical decisions will decide how you can avert obstacles or disasters and how you can maximise the good opportunities.

If you are interested in knowing your Bazi (4 Pillars Chart) then you have visit Feng Shui Bazi Decoder website and read more about it.



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